ALF Additional Features and Configuration

The main feature delivered by the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp consists of the two advanced PDF/HTML templates (for invoices and credit memos) that comply with tax regulations and meet common business needs of NetSuite users. To learn more about these templates, see Setting Up the Advanced Localization Features Templates.

This main feature is supported by several additional features. They work in conjunction with these PDF/HTML templates, making them highly customizable. Note that these additional features only work with the two templates provided by this SuiteApp and do not automatically interact with any other existing invoice or credit memo layout.

The easiest way to configure and adjust additional features of the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp is to use the ALF Invoice Template Customization dashboard (Setup > Accounting > Customize Invoice Template).

For more information, see the following topics describing new features, records, and fields added to your NetSuite account by the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp:

Note that installing the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp also enhances the process of printing your invoices. It enables you to print invoice drafts and to view the printing history of every invoice (containing the original of the printed invoice and all subsequent copies). To learn more, see Printing Invoices and Credit Memos.

General Notices