Invoice Locking

With the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp, you can set the invoice locking level for each subsidiary. Invoice locking prevents you from editing an invoice that has already been approved or sent to a customer.

To turn on the invoice locking for a certain subsidiary, go to Setup > Company > Classifications > Subsidiary and either create a new subsidiary or edit an existing one. To learn more, see Creating Subsidiary Records or Editing Subsidiary Records. Use the Lock Invoice dropdown list to select the locking level and click Save.

You can also use the ALF Invoice Template Customization dashboard to view and adjust the locking level for already existing subsidiaries. Go to Setup > Accounting > Customize Invoice Template, click the Subsidiary-specific Setup subtab, and check the values in the Lock Invoice column.

The following locking levels are available:

If you try to edit a locked invoice, a warning message will be displayed and you will not be allowed to proceed.

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