About Sandbox Accounts

Sandbox users access the sandbox account from the same URL that they use to access their production account (https://system.netsuite.com). They can use the My Roles page, or the Change Roles list, to select a sandbox role.

On the My Roles page, users will see their roles labeled in the Account Type column.

My Roles page

In the Change Roles list, all sandbox roles are identified by an Sandbox icon icon.

See Logging in to Your Sandbox Account for more information.

Administrators have the ability to add a suffix to the sandbox Account Name for identification purposes. For details, see Account Name Suffix: Labeling Your Sandbox Account.

There are a few features where testing in sandboxes is limited. Review the Notes column in Testing Features in a Sandbox table for details.

Account ID Numbering Conventions for Sandbox Accounts

Sandbox account IDs are always the same as the account ID for your production account, appended with _SB1, _SB2, _SB3, and so on, like this:

Account Name Suffix: Labeling Your Sandbox Account

Administrators have the option to add a suffix to the sandbox account name before every refresh or copy data to sandbox and before every activation. This option helps users differentiate between multiple accounts. After entering the desired text for the suffix, to submit the request for a sandbox refresh, click Copy Data to Sandbox or Refresh Sandbox. The option appears again when the account is ready for activation. Enter the desired text for the suffix, then click Activate Sandbox. The suffix is appended to the account name and appears in the Account Name field after the refresh is complete and the account is activated.

An example of adding a name suffix to a sandbox account.

In this example, after submitting the refresh request and activating the refreshed account, the account names would change as follows:

You can also modify the Account Name of your sandbox by going to Setup > Company > Company Information and editing the Company Name field.

Company Information page

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