Downloading the XML Definition of an Object from a NetSuite Account

For some NetSuite record types supported as SDF custom objects by SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), you can download XML definitions directly from your NetSuite account. You can preview the downloaded file to learn how an SDF custom object is structured, or manually incorporate the definition in a SuiteCloud project.

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To download an XML definition from a NetSuite account:

  1. Log in to a NetSuite account.

  2. Open a record type that is supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework as an SDF custom object.

    For example, go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types, and select any of the available record types.

    For information about NetSuite components supported as SDF custom objects, see Customizations Supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework.

  3. In the Actions menu, click Download XML or Download XML & Include Record Instances.

    Your browser prompts you to download and save the XML definition of the SDF custom object for the record type that you opened.

    If you downloaded the XML definition with record instances, the references to the record instances are nested in an instances XML element.

Alternatively, you can use SuiteCloud IDE plug-in to import XML definitions from a NetSuite account to a SuiteCloud project. For more information, see:


You cannot import locked record types into SuiteCloud projects. You must either unlock the record types before you import them, or reference them outside of the SuiteCloud project. For more information about locked record types, see Locking SDF Custom Objects in a SuiteApp Project and Locking Objects in Customization Bundles.

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