Setting a Project Baseline

After the details of a project have been finalized, you can set a project baseline. A baseline captures a snapshot of your original estimates for the project plan before any work begins. Then, you can use the baseline data for comparison to actual work and revised schedules later in the execution phase of your project.


Only users with Edit or Full permission for Projects can set a project baseline.

To set a project baseline:

  1. Go to Lists > Relationships > Projects and click View next to the project that is ready to have a baseline set.

  2. On the project record, click Set Baseline.

Now, the baseline data is recorded. The project record now shows a Last Baseline Date field in the header that displays the date you most recently set a baseline.

If you need to reset the baseline data for a project, you can click Set Baseline again. The data previously stored in the baseline fields will be overwritten with the more current data.

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