Creating Sales Orders from Projects

You can create a sales order from an existing project. NetSuite creates line items on the sales order for the service items associated with the project tasks. The new sales order defaults the customer, project, and items from the project tasks and schedule. You can add additional items to the sales order that are not part of the project, such as inventory items, discounts, assemblies, descriptions and subtotals.

To be able to create a sales order from a project:

To create sales orders from a project:

  1. Open a project in Edit or View mode.

  2. In the New dropdown, click Sales Order. NetSuite creates a new sales order with the customer, project, and items from the project.

  3. Click Save.

On the sales order, the line item shows the following project information:

Generally, you create a sales order a single time from a project at the point you have customer approval for the project. If the project schedule changes before invoicing the customer, then click Refresh Items from Project to update the sales order items to match the project information.


You can create sales orders at several different points in the order to cash process. Based on your business needs, you may want to create sales orders from opportunities or estimates instead of from projects.

You can add project names to sales order reports by customizing the report to include Bookings > Project > Job Name. If you use the Consolidate Projects on Sales Transactions preference, you can customize your reports to include Bookings > Entity (Line) > Name to display the project name. For more information on customizing reports, see Report Customization.

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