FedEx Real-Time Rates (U.S. and Canada)

After you register your FedEx account with NetSuite, you can offer FedEx shipping options with real-time rates. When a customer ships with FedEx, the customer's location current rate is automatically entered into in the Amount field on your website and transaction pages.


Rates for orders to be shipped from a Canadian location do not include Canadian tax.

During the order fulfillment, FedEx can validate the package shipping address. Address validation is available for more than 40 countries. If the address is not valid, an error message is sent to verify and correct the shipping address. To learn more, See Setting Shipping Preferences.

After adding a FedEx account, you can create shipping items that charge customers FedEx real-time rates. Real-time rates are calculated based on the item's weight, the selected shipping method, the frequency of pickups, and the zip code.

To offer FedEx real-time rates, select one of the following real-time rate shipping item options:

Your preferences in the Free if total is over, Minimum shipping amount, and Maximum shipping amount fields override the real-time rates.

NetSuite calculates FedEx rates based on the following:


Weight and size limits apply to all packages that are not sent by FedEx Express® Freight. The maximum weight limit for packages is 150 pounds. The maximum size for a package equals 130 inches in combined length (the longest side of the package) and girth (the distance all the way around the package at its widest point perpendicular to the length), and the maximum length per package equals 108 inches. Packages over these weight and size limits can be sent by FedEx Express® Freight, which has a 2200 pound weight limit.

The FedEx real-time rate option shipping process:

  1. The customer selects a FedEx real-time rate Shipping Method.

  2. NetSuite may pause while receiving real-time rates from FedEx before the price is displayed.

  3. The customer completes the order.

  4. The sales order is authorized and fulfilled.

    Before saving the fulfillment, click Recalculate Shipping to update the real-time rate and validate the shipping address.

  5. After the package is received by FedEx, a tracking number enables you and your customer to track the shipment status.

  6. You can manually enter the tracking number on a sales order page one time. The number then appears everywhere the order appears, including in the confirmation email to the customer and the Customer Center.

  7. The tracking number appears as a link in the customer confirmation email.

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