Getting Started with FedEx® Integration

FedEx Integration enables you to connect your NetSuite account directly to your FedEx account.

When you fulfill orders with FedEx integrated shipping, your FedEx account is charged for the shipment and the tracking number is saved with the item fulfillment.

To learn more, see Printing Integrated Shipping Labels With a Thermal Printer.

To setup FedEx Integration:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

  2. Click the Transactions subtab.

  3. In the Shipping & Receiving section, check the Shipping Label Integration box.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To register with FedEx, go to FedEx, go to Setup > Accounting > Shipping.

    To learn more, see Registering a FedEx® Account.

  6. To designate FedEx as the Default Shipping Carrier on sales orders, select FedEx.

  7. Click the Preferences subtab.

  8. In the Rates section, select a FedEx Rates Type:

    • To show and charge customers the rate FedEx charges you for shipping, select Negotiated Rates.

    • To show and charge customers the higher FedEx rate, select List Rates.

  9. Click Submit.

Please note that the real-time rate quoted at the time of sale is only an estimate. The charge may vary based on factors such as package size, service additions on the shipment, and account-specific discounts.

If you also have the Multiple Location Inventory feature enabled, you can set up each location with a separate FedEx account number. For more information, see Shipping Integration with Multiple Locations.

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