Enabling Taxation Features in OneWorld Accounts and Accounts With Advanced Taxes

The Advanced Taxes feature is already enabled in NetSuite OneWorld accounts.

You can enable Advanced Taxes in accounts that are not OneWorld. However, after you enable Advanced Taxes, you cannot disable it.

In the Canada edition or the United States edition without Advanced Taxes, you can create nexuses for other provinces or states you pay taxes in.

If you have Advanced Taxes enabled, Canada edition accounts can create U.S. nexuses, and U.S. edition accounts can create Canada nexuses.

If you are using a OneWorld account, you can create nexuses in other countries. And then, you add the nexuses to subsidiaries.

When the Advanced Taxes feature is enabled, the system creates tax schedules for each tax code, and links tax control accounts to a nexus.

When you enable Advanced Taxes, you must set up the following:


For information about the available NetSuite SuiteApps for tax, see Taxation Features Provided by SuiteApps from NetSuite.

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