Setting the Inventory Level Warnings Preference

When you assign reorder points and preferred stock levels to your inventory items, you can set the Inventory Level Warnings preference. This preferences alerts you when inventory levels reach or decrease below a reorder point. To set reorder points and preferred stock levels, see Locations.

The Inventory Level Warnings preference displays a popup message when you add an item to a transaction. On the message, it shows an item's quantity available, reorder point, and the quantity on order. If you have multiple locations, the warning also displays information for the location you are selling from.

For example, you enter a sales order for 10 widgets. However, the quantity in stock is only 5 widgets. A popup warning alerts you that you do not have enough items in stock to fulfill the order. It prompts you to confirm if you want to add the item to the transaction.

To set the Inventory Level Warnings preference:

  1. Go to Home > Settings > Set Preferences.

  2. On the Set Preferences page, click the Transactions subtab.

  3. In the Warnings section, check the Inventory Level Warnings box.

  4. Click Save.

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