Step Four Field Mapping

Step four of the Import Assistant displays the automatic mappings of CSV file fields to NetSuite fields. For descriptions of tasks to complete in step four of the Import Assistant, see CSV Field Mapping Tasks.


Only NetSuite fields that can be edited on the user's preferred form for the record type are available for import mapping.

Step 4 Field Mapping page.

To get a better understanding of the NetSuite fields, you can do the following:

By default, mappable NetSuite fields are those available on your preferred form for the selected record type. Fields can be mapped for the import job if they are displayed (not hidden) and not disabled on your preferred form. If these fields do not include all of the data you want to import, you can specify a custom form that includes the fields you need, as an Advanced Option in the CSV Import Assistant. This specification changes the NetSuite fields listed on the Field Mapping page. See Set Advanced CSV Import Options.

For help with completing the tasks in step four of the Import Assistant, review the following guidelines.


If you make mistakes during mapping, you can click the Reset button to return the Field Mapping page to the automatic mappings or to the most recently saved mappings.

When you have completed field mapping tasks, click Next to go to Step Five Save Mapping & Start Import.

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