Single Inventory Worksheet Import

In the NetSuite user interface, you can use the Inventory Worksheet form to make adjustments to the levels of inventory items in stock. On this form, you need to manually enter general information as well as changes to the quantity and/or value of each inventory item to be adjusted.

The Single Inventory Worksheet Import provides an alternative that you can use to create a new inventory worksheet in NetSuite. With this import, you can submit inventory adjustment data in a CSV file that can be built from a system-provided template. For inventory worksheets with many lines, this import can be significantly faster than data entry in the Inventory Worksheet form.

This type of import can be used for adjustments that are required after physical inventory counts. Another use case for this import is to reset stock quantity and value at the end of the NetSuite implementation phase.

Inventory Worksheet Import Limitations

Review the following limitations to decide whether this import would be useful for you:

Permission for Inventory Worksheet Import

You need the Adjust Inventory Worksheet and Import CSV File permissions to import an inventory worksheet.

By default, only account administrators have the Adjust Inventory Worksheet permission. This permission is not assigned to any standard roles. This permission can be added to a custom role that can be assigned to users who perform this type of import.

How to Do an Inventory Worksheet Import

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