Project Tasks Import

The Project Tasks Import lets you import project tasks from a Microsoft Project plan. You can build project plans in Microsoft Project, then bring the data into NetSuite after the plan has been well developed, or develop project plan templates in Microsoft Project for use in NetSuite.


The project tasks import supports addition of new data into NetSuite; updates currently are not supported.

The process for project tasks imports differs from other types:

Be aware of the following requirements for the project tasks import:

For instructions for importing Microsoft Project tasks into NetSuite, see Importing Project Tasks from Microsoft Project. To create project records by importing jobs, see Projects (Jobs) Import.


CRM tasks are imported with the Import Assistant, available to users with the Import CSV File permission, at Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records. See Tasks Import.


Every project task record is designated as either a project task or a milestone task. If you import a project task record and do not include any estimated work, the record is saved as a milestone task. If you do include estimated work, the record is saved as a project task. For more details on the difference between project tasks and milestone tasks, see Project Tasks.

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