Downloading Files from the File Cabinet

You can download individual files or entire File Cabinet folders and their contents. If you do not have permission to view files in a certain folder, then you cannot use the Download link to save files from that folder on to your computer. Note that the same restrictions applied to a File Cabinet folder also apply to the Download link.

To download a file or folder from the File Cabinet:

  1. Click the Documents tab.

  2. Go to the file or folder you want to download.

  3. Click Download next to the file or folder.

When you download a folder, all of the files and subfolders are downloaded in a ZIP file to maintain the folder hierarchy. File names must include the file extension so that you can use the appropriate application to open your files after unpacking the downloaded ZIP from the File Cabinet.


You should work with files of 100 MB or smaller. Note that various factors may affect the time it takes to upload and download files greater than 100 MB, such as network speed, time-out settings, and overall space limitations.

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