File Types Recognized in the File Cabinet

You can upload any type of file to the File Cabinet. The Documents pane shows the file extension and lists the file type. The following file types are recognized in the NetSuite File Cabinet:

File Type

file name Extension

AppCache Manifest File



.dwg, .dwf, .dxf, .dwt, .plt

BMP Image


Certificate File

.cer, .crl, .crt, .csr, .der, .key, .p10, .p12, .p7b, .p7c, .p7r, .p8, .pem, .pfx, .spc

CFF File


Compressed Tar File

.tgz, .tbz

Configuration File


CSS File


CSV File


EOT File


Excel File

.xls, .xlsx

Flash Animation


FreeMarker Template File


GIF Image


GNU Zip File



.html, .htm, .shtml

Icon Image

.ico, .icon


.jpg, .jpeg, .pjpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp

JavaScript File

.js, .json

JPEG Image

.jpg, .jpeg

JSON Response


LZH File

.lzh, .lha

Message RFC


MP3 Audio


MPEG Video

.mpg, .mpeg

OTF File


Other Binary File


PDF File




Plain Text File

.txt, .prn

PNG Image


PostScript File

.ps, .eps

PowerPoint File

.ppt, .pptx

Project File


QuickTime Video


RTF File


SMS File


SuiteScript File


SuiteScript Page


SVG Image


Tar File


Text File

.txt, .css, .htm, .html, .xml, .htc, .sql, .csv, .log

TIFF Image

.tiff, .tif

TTF File


Visio File




WOFF2 File


Word File

.doc, .dot, .docx

XML File


XSD File


Zip File


Unrecognized File Types

Although NetSuite accepts all file formats in the File Cabinet, if a file format is not recognized, the file type is listed as Other Binary File. NetSuite cannot determine unrecognized file formats uploaded in a .zip file. If you see other binary files in a folder, but want to ensure that the file extension displays, then upload those files individually.

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