Adding Personalized Search Forms to NetSuite Pages

You can add search form portlets to NetSuite pages. These portlets help you to quickly find the records you need.

You need to create a personalized search form before you can display it in a portlet. For information, see Personalizing a Search Form. After you have created the personalized form, you can add it to any NetSuite dashboard that offers search form portlet.

To add a personalized search form to a NetSuite page:

  1. Click Personalize Dashboard on the NetSuite page to which you want to add your form.

  2. In the Add Content panel, under the Standard Content folder, click or drag the Search Form item.

  3. In the Search Form portlet, click Set Up.

  4. In the Search Form:Search field, enter the name of preferred search form. You can click the List button to see a list of available search forms.

  5. Click Save.

You now can use your personalized form to search directly from this page.


You need to complete different steps to add a search form to a website. See Search Forms.

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