Creating Applications with Dimensions from Flat Files


These instructions assume that no application exists in the Profitability and Cost Management instance.

To create an application and add dimensions from flat files:

  1. Sign in to your EPM Enterprise Cloud Service environment as a Service Administrator.

  2. From the Landing page, click Select under Profitability and Cost Management.

  3. On the Profitability and Cost Management page, click Start under Create a New Application.

  4. In the New Application dialog box, enter the following information and then select Next:

    • Application Name

    • Optional: Description

    • Rule Dimension Name

    • Balance Dimension Name

  5. Click Finish.

    When the job starts running, you can view results in the Job Library, (see Viewing Tasks in the Application Job Library).

  6. From the Profitability and Cost Management Home page, click Application, and then Dimension Management.

  7. Prepare flat files of the required format (Preparing Flat Files for Each Dimension).

  8. Perform the steps in Updating Application Dimensions with Flat Files to add dimension definitions to the application.

  9. When dimensions are complete, deploy the application so you can add rules (Deploying Databases).