Updating Application Dimensions with Flat Files


You can use Dimension Management to list and view most current dimensions and members in the application (Viewing, Creating, and Editing Dimensions with Dimension Management). You can also edit dimensions directly.

Updating with flat files, described in this section, is most useful for updating in a more automated way when many updates are required.

When you update a dimension with flat files, you import a flat file containing a new definition of that dimension (Preparing Flat Files for Each Dimension). You must upload the flat file to the Inbox before beginning the update (Transferring Files with the File Explorer).

You can view this video to learn how to update dimensions with flat files:

video cloud png Updating Metadata in Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud

To update Profitability and Cost Management dimensions with flat files:

  1. Open the Profitability Application Console (Using the Profitability Application Console and Other Application Features).
  2. On the Application tab, click Actions, and then select Update Dimensions.

    Typically, you would perform a Pre-Update Analysis and then select Update Dimensions.

  3. Optional: Perform a Pre-Update Analysis:
    1. Optional: Under Pre-Update Analysis, select Validate Dimensions to verify that each of the selected changes are valid. This option does not update the dimensions. If all dimensions have been selected, this option also runs the application level dimensions validations.

      Validation errors and the results of the impact analysis are displayed in the Job Library.

    2. Under Pre Update Analysis, select Impact Analysis to perform a comparison between the application being deployed and the existing application in Profitability and Cost Management. If Impact Analysis is selected, the Validate Dimensions option is selected automatically.
    3. Click OK.
      The modified dimensions are validated but not updated. The following information is displayed:
      • New Members

      • Deleted Members

      • Re-Parented Members

      • Members with Level 0 change

      • Impacts on referencing application artifacts

      Validation errors and the results of the impact analysis are displayed in the Job Library.

  4. Optional: Check Update Dimensions to update the selected dimensions with the changes.
    1. Under Dimensions, browse to the Inbox and select a flat file for the dimension to update.
    2. Click OK.
      Any exceptions are reported in the Job Library. The selected dimension members are added, updated, or deleted according to dimension selections, or the selected flat file is imported.


Repeat necessary steps until flat files for all updated diimensions have been imported. Then, deploy the application as described in Deploying Databases.


Whenever the Profitability Application Console is used to update dimensions, a Job entry is automatically created in the Job Library to validate and update the application (Viewing Tasks in the Application Job Library).

Following a dimension update, you must log out of Profitability and Cost Management and then log in again to see the updates in Dimension Management or elsewhere in the service.