Using the Profitability Application Console and Other Application Features

The Application features enable you to use the Profitability Application Console and related tools to create, manage, and use an application.

To explore available application features, on the Profitability and Cost Management Home page, click Application, Application icon.


See Application Design Best Practices in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide for information on best practices when designing an application.

Table 4-1 Application Icon Actions

Icon Name Action

Second application icon


Displays the Profitability Application Console (Creating, Importing, and Exporting Applications in the Profitability Application Console)

Dimension Management icon

Dimension Management

Displays a list of dimensions within the application and their members (Viewing, Creating, and Editing Dimensions with Dimension Management)

Calculation Rules icon

Calculation Rules

Displays the Rules Express Editing screen for basic edits to one or more rules; current edits include adding, replacing, and removing rule members and more

Job Library icon

Job Library

Displays the Job Library for tracking job progress and success (Viewing Tasks in the Application Job Library)

Migration icon


Accesses Migration functionality for handling application artifacts (Backing Up, Restoring, and Replicating Applications Using the Migration Features)

The Profitability Application Console, opened with the Application icon, is a frequently used feature. See Profitability Application Console Tabs.