Profitability Application Console Tabs

With appropriate security provisioning, you can use the Profitability Application Console to add and manage an application. The Console displays as follows with the Actions menu opened:

Figure 4-1 Profitability Application Console, Application Tab

Profitability Application Console, Application tab as described in the following text.

To open and view the Profitability Application Console:

  1. On the Profitability and Cost Management Home page, click Application, Application icon.
    Additional icons are displayed.
  2. Click Application again.

    The Profitability Application Console is displayed (Figure 4-1).

    You see the following tabs, depending on your role:

    Table 4-2 Profitability Application Console Tabs

    Name Icon Action


    Application tab icon

    Describes an existing application, enables application creation if one doesn't exist, indicates whether the application is ready for use with a green check mark (Common Feature Controls)

    Data Grant Assignments

    Data Grant Assignments icon

    Assigning Data Grants to Individuals and Groups

    Data Grants

    Data Grants icon

    Creating Data Grants

    File Explorer

    File Explorer icon

    Transferring Files with the File Explorer


    Performance Activity Report icon

    Viewing Performance Activity Reports

    The Application tab lists the application, its creation date, and modification date.

    The Application tab contains any or all of the controls listed here: the following controls:

  3. Optional: If no application exists yet, click Create, Create icon, to create a new application.

    Then, select one of the following:

  4. Optional: Click Edit, Edit icon, to change the application description and preferences (Editing an Application’s Description and Default Dimension Settings).
  5. Optional: Click other available icons to perform additional actions (Common Feature Controls).
  6. Optional: Click Actions to perform a variety of operations on the application: Update Dimensions, Metadata Validation, Export Template, Repair Data Grants, Export Supplemental Diagnostics, and Enable Diagnostics.