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The details on this page will help you to learn more about how to visualize study data using analytics, share data with your study team, and how to integrate your Clinical One system using pre-built and one-off integrations.

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Visualize study data using analytics


Share data with your study team


Use a pre-built data integration


Develop your own data integration

Work with your Oracle project manager to make sure the Oracle Clinical One Analytics are fully deployed in your organization's environment. Remember that you can use Oracle Clinical One Analytics whether you are working in a brand new or existing study.
Work with your user administrator to make sure you and other sponsor users are assigned the appropriate permissions in Oracle Clinical One Platform.

For step-by-step instructions on how to provision a sponsor user in Oracle Clinical One Platform, see Create study user accounts. For permissions typically assigned to a data manager or other sponsor users, see Examples of study roles.
Read about the predefined datasets, corresponding permissions, and what tasks you can perform when working with analytics.

Get started with datasets and visualizing data | Dataset descriptions | Use cases
You don't have to create a custom dataset from scratch because they are already predefined in your Oracle Clinical One Analytics environment. However, you have control over what you choose to visualize or export from that dataset.

Select a dataset to work with
You can visualize Oracle Clinical One Platform clinical data and add your visualizations into a dashboard that can be shared with analysts and statisticians on your study team.

Create a data visualization

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