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4.3 Installing the Indic Onscreen Keyboard

The Indic Onscreen Keyboard (iok) is a screen-based, virtual keyboard that you can use to enter English and Indic languages. The keyboard enables input by using one-to-one key mappings. For more information about supported keymaps, go to

Depending on your installation method, the iok package might be installed on your Oracle Linux 6 system by default. However, if the package is not installed, you can install it from the command line as follows:

# yum install iok

To install the application from the top bar of the GNOME desktop:

  1. Starting from the System menu, select Administration, then select Add/Remove Software.

  2. From the System menu in the Add/Remove Software window, select Software Sources .

  3. In the Software Sources window, select the Oracle Linux 6Server Latest (x86_64) check box

    If prompted for authentication, enter the root password.

  4. Click Close to save the changes.

  5. In the search field of the Add/Remove Software window, enter "iok", then click Find.

  6. When the Indic Onscreen Virtual Keyboard selection is displayed in the right pane, select the check box, then click Apply.

  7. In the Do you trust the source of the packages? dialog, click Yes.

    If prompted to authenticate again, enter the root password.

    When the activity messages at the bottom of the screen disappear, the installation has completed.

  8. Select System, then click Quit to close the Add/Remove Software window.

  9. (Optional) Add an application launcher for the Indic Onscreen Keyboard so that you can launch the application directly from the desktop.

    For instructions, see Section 1.4, “Adding an Application Launcher to the GNOME Desktop”, where for Step 3, you would enter the following required information for the Indic Onscreen Keyboard:

    • Type: Application (Default setting)

    • Name: Indic Onscreen Keyboard

    • Command: /usr/bin/iok

    • Comment: (Optional field)

    You can also start the Indic Onscreen Keyboard by typing the following command:

    $ iok