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Oracle® Server X6-2L Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

JBOD Mode Properties in HBA Option ROMs Are Not Supported

The option ROMs for the Oracle Storage 12 Gb/s SAS PCIe RAID HBA (host bus adapter), Internal include properties for enabling JBOD mode. In JBOD mode, each physical drive on the server is identified as one logical partition. This configuration is an alternative to redundant array of independent disk (RAID) implementations. However, the HBA does not support JBOD mode.

Enabling JBOD mode on the HBA might result in improper functioning of the system. Therefore, disregard the JBOD mode options in the following utilities:

  • LSI Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) Configuration Utility (UEFI Boot Mode)

  • LSI MegaRAID BIOS Configuration Utility (Legacy BIOS Boot Mode)

For more information about these interfaces, refer to Configuring RAID Using the BIOS RAID Configuration Utilities in Oracle Server X6-2L Installation Guide.