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Updated: August 2021

NVMe Phantom Drives Appear When Using Windows Server 2016 Inbox Drivers

Bug ID: 32158109

Issue: During Windows Server 2016 installation on a system with an NVMe storage drive, Windows Setup lists the NVMe storage device and 127 phantom listings of the same NVMe storage device. These phantom storage devices each show a total size and free space of 0.0 MB. For example:

image:Image showing NVMe phantom drives during Windows

After you install Windows Server 2016, the 127 phantom drives also appear in Windows Device Manager. This issue is due to an out-of-date inbox Windows Server 2016 NVMe driver that does not support the multiple namespace feature of some NVMe storage devices.

Affected Software: Microsoft Windows Server 2016, version 1607 (OS build 14393.3986).

Affected Hardware: Any system with NVMe storage drives that supports multiple namespaces.

Workaround: After Windows Server 2016 is installed, perform a Microsoft Windows Update. A newer version of the Windows Server 2016 NVMe driver installs and corrects the issue. After the update, the phantom drives are no longer listed for your NVMe storage device.