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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HCM Fundamentals

2 Understanding Human Capital Management Fundamentals

3 Setting Up System Options

4 Setting Up Employee Information

5 Setting Up Tax Information

6 Setting Up Workflow

7 Setting Up Web Mail Merge

8 Setting Up User-Defined Information

9 Setting Up Pay Types

10 Setting Up Deductions, Benefits, and Accruals

11 Setting Up Additional Information for DBAs

12 Setting Up Tax-Deferred and Taxable PDBAs

13 Setting Up Advanced DBAs

14 Setting Up Deductions for Wage Attachments

15 Running DBA Reports

16 Adding Employee Records One at a Time

17 Adding Employee Records Using Employee Quick Hire

18 Assigning Tax Area Information Using the GeoCoder

19 Entering Additional Employee Information

20 Entering Employee Instructions

21 Reviewing and Revising Employee Information

22 Creating Parent-Child Relationships

23 Working with Point-in-Time Employee Reports

24 Working with Web Mail Merge

25 Working with Employee History Records

26 Defining Jobs

A DBA Table Methods

B Delivered Workflow for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HCM Application Fundamentals

C JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Capital Management Foundation Reports