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Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Product Notes
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Sun Server X2-8 Name Change

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Documentation and Feedback

About This Documentation

Change History

Overview of the Sun Server X2-8 Product Notes

Supported Software and Firmware

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Firmware

Tools and Drivers CD

Preinstalled Oracle Operating Systems Available

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant Might Not Support RHEL 5.6 or Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6

NEM Expander Firmware Upgrade Required

Included Third Party Technology

Sun Java Enterprise System

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)

SunVTS Bootable Diagnostics CD-ROM

Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)

Hardware Issues

Place the Server In Standby Power Mode When Removing a CMOD

Update SP Firmware After Replacing a CMOD or SP Module (15465497)

Do Not Mix Dual-Rank and Quad-Rank DIMMs

MegaCLI CfgEachDskRaid0 Command Does Not Work Correctly (CR 7121867)

When Inserting a CMOD, Simultaneously Rotate Levers Until They Touch the CMOD

Servers Shipped with a Maximum of Six Combo GbE/8Gb FC Express Module HBA Cards (CR 7050075)

Large Number of ixgbe Interrupts Seen with Sun Dual 10GbE I2 SFP+ PCIe 2.0 FEM Without SFP+ (CR 7003313)

Disabling of DIMM Pairs When Server Detects Faulty DIMM (CR 7011011)

LEDs and Logs Incorrectly Indicate that CMOD has Failed (CR 7033674)

Flow Control on Serial Port Doesn't Work (CR 7014405)

Oracle Solaris Operating System Issues

Oracle Solaris OS Requirements

Patch 144489-11 or Later is Required on the Oracle Solaris 10 OS

Hotplugging PCIe Cards with Oracle Solaris 11 (CR 7024309)

Oracle Solaris 11 Panics When Rebooting with an SG-XEMFCOE2-Q-SR (CR 7157040 and CR 7095128)

Performance Might Be Reduced For Architecture-Aware Applications (CR 7043098)

SunVTS CD Panics on Systems with Greater than 1 TB of Memory (CR 7043192)

Panics Occur on Systems with Greater than 1 TB of Memory (CR 6979638)

Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Panics During Install (CR 6992851)

SunVTS Loopback Tests Might Hang on Intel 10GbE Card (CR 6957932)

System Might Panic With "unowned mutex" Message (CR 6893274)

Hotplugging PCIe Express Modules in Slots 2.0 or 2.1 Might Not Work (CR 6954869)

Oracle Solaris MSI Interrupts Are Depleted (CR 6669984 )

Systems With Large Memory Configurations Might Hang During Oracle Solaris 11.1 Boot (CR 15903980)

Linux Issues

Linux Requirements

Multiple Corrected Error Messages After Hotplugging Quad GbE PCIe Gen2 Adapter (CR 7157354)

False MCE Errors Appear in /var/log/mcelog (CR 7104293)

Xen Hangs During Bootup On RHEL 5.6 and on Oracle Linux 5.6 (CR 7010124)

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

I/O Does Not Work On SLES11 SP1 with XEN (CR 6965290)

MSM Install Fails on RHEL 6 (CR 7017469)

Up to Six InfiniBand QDR-CX2 ExpressModules are Supported With Oracle Linux 6.4

Oracle VM Issues

Preinstalled OVM Is Available

Oracle VM Requirements

Windows Operating System Issues

Windows Requirements

Windows Server 2008 R2 Does Not Correctly Identify CPUs (CR 6997566)

NIC Ports Fail with Problem Code 12 (CR 7019043)

Windows Server 2008 and Driver Support

Windows Server 2012 and Driver Support

ESX Issues

VMware ESXi 5.x Supports Maximum 2 TB of Memory (CR 15925029)

Systems Running ESX/ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5 Support Limited Numbers of NIC Ports (CR 7167547)


ESX 4.1 Ignores 2 GB of Memory On Systems with 1 TB of Memory (CR 7037903)


Oracle ILOM Issues

Use the Locate Button to Prove Physical Presence (CR 6881237)

BIOS Issues

Auto Boot Host On Power Loss Control Is Deactivated

Failed DIMMs Listed Reported as Present (CR 7023549)

Uncorrectable Errors (UEs) Lost on System Reset or Power-Down (CR 7028423)

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

Disable x2APIC Before Booting Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant (CR 7112255)

Documentation Errata

Requesting Physical Media

How to Request Physical Media Online

How To Request Physical Media by Phone

VMware ESXi 5.x Supports Maximum 2 TB of Memory (CR 15925029)

VMware ESXi 5.x supports a maximum of 2 TB of system memory. ESXi might not boot if more than 2 TB is installed in the system. ESXi will begin to boot, but then report that only a very small amount of memory is available.

There is no workaround for this issue. Do not install more than 2 TB of system memory when using VMware ESXi 5.x.