Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Product Notes

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Updated: December 2015

Up to Six InfiniBand QDR-CX2 ExpressModules are Supported With Oracle Linux 6.4

Support for up to six InfiniBand QDR-CX2 ExpressModules (Oracle part number 4243A) has been added to a Sun Server X2-8 system running Oracle Linux 6.4 (eight socket systems only). The following configuration has been tested:

  • Sun Server X2-8, eight socket system with 2TB memory

  • InfiniBand QDR-CX2 ExpressModules in slots: EM0.0, EM0.1, EM1.0, EM2.0, EM3.0, EM3.1 (EM1.1 and EM2.1 left empty)

  • System SW 1.2: SP version, BIOS 15020500

Sun Server X2-8 systems running versions of Oracle Linux earlier than 6.4, or with only four sockets, only support a maximum of four InfiniBand QDR-CX2 ExpressModules.

Note - Surprise hot removals of this PCIe EM may hang the system. If you need to do a hot removal, press the PCIe EM's Attention button first. Hot insertion works.