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Implementation Steps: Career Management

If you are developing the competence approach as part of your performance management system, you must set up your methods of measurement, create your competencies and create your assessment and appraisal templates.

See: Introducing Career Management Activities

You must also perform other implementation activities, such as configuring Oracle Workflow.

See: HRDA Configuration Guide.

Attention: This software should not be used as the sole method of assessment for making judgements about hiring, performance or deployment. Your company may be held liable if you rely on incorrect computer data or computerized rules to make such judgements.

It is the customer's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to comply with the Data Protection and Privacy laws of the countries in which they operate.

All personal information that you store or use with this software must be up to date, accurate and relevant. You should confirm the details of the restrictions that apply to the computerized storage and use of personal information with your own legal department or representative.

Methods of Measurement and Creating Competencies

Step 46 Create Rating Scales

Create rating scales if you want to describe your enterprose's competencies in a general way.

See: General Rating Scales

Step 47 Create Competencies

Create competencies that best meet the needs of your own enterprise. If you are using the individual method, you need to set up the proficiency levels for each competence you create.

See: Competencies

Step 48 Group Competencies

You might want to group related competencies together, for example, for advertising a vacancy, or for reporting purposes.

See: Competence Types and Groupings

Competence Requirements

Step 49 Define Competence Requirements

To ensure your enterprise meets its current and future goals, you'll need to define your competence requirements.

Define Functionss to Implement the Competence Approach (Oracle Training Administration)

Step 50 Define Functions to Implement the Competence Approach (OTA)

If you have Oracle Human Resources and OTA installed in your enterprise, you can hold the qualifications, attributes and knowledge that students can expect to attain by attending training activities as competencies, skills or a mixture of both (competencies and skills).

You use parameters to enable you to phase in the delivery of competencies through training activities. This enables you to indicate whether users can enter skills, competencies, or both from the Activities window. You also use parameters to enable selected users to add competencies gained through an activity directly to a student's Competence Profile.

Qualification Types and Establishments

Step 51 Create Qualification Types

You can enter all the qualification types your enterprise recognises.

See: Creating Qualification Types

Step 52 Create Schools and Colleges

You need to create schools and colleges that deliver the qualifications your enterprise recognises. These are then used to record where a person gained the qualification. If you have not automatically loaded these schools and colleges into Oracle Human Resources, you can enter them manually.

Note: Schools and colleges you enter are available to all Business Groups you create, therefore only load or enter them once.

See: Creating Schools and Colleges

Assessment and Appraisal

Step 53 Create Templates for Competence-Based Assessments

You can create assessment templates for all the different assessments your enterprise performs to enable users to perform assessments using the web.

See: Competence-Based Assessments

Step 54 Create Appraisal Questionnaire Pages

See: Appraisal Templates and Questionnaire Pages

Oracle provides you with an easy to use method of designing and formatting your own questionnaire pages for the appraisal using the Web. You can identify the questions to use in the appraisal, and the number, size and type of boxes in which to record the answers. You can create as many different appraisal questionnaire pages as your enterprise requires.

Attention: You create your appraisal questionnaire pages using the Web, and not using Oracle forms.

The implementation sequence which you follow is:

Step 55 Create Templates for Appraisals

You can create appraisal templates to provide instructions to appraisers, to identify which questions belong to which appraisal and to identify which performance rating scale to use.

You can use one of the example appraisal templates we provide and modify them to suit your own needs, or you can create your own.

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