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Overview of Deployment Requirements

Certain features and functions in Siebel eBusiness Applications require particular browser settings. Unless stated, all supported browser versions require the settings and configuration outlined in this document. The requirements for your individual deployment may vary, but must meet the minimum requirements in Table 9.

Table 9.  Requirements for Standard Interactivity and High Interactivity
Standard Interactivity
High Interactivity



Must meet standard-interactivity deployment requirements. (Supports standard browser settings.)

See Standard-Interactivity Deployment Requirements.



Must meet high-interactivity general deployment requirements.

See High-Interactivity Deployment—General Requirements.



Must meet high-interactivity ActiveX deployment requirements.

See High-Interactivity Deployment—ActiveX Requirements.



Must meet high-interactivity Java deployment requirements.

See High-Interactivity Deployment—Java Requirements.

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