Siebel Business Process Implementation Guide


How This Guide Is Organized

Siebel Business Processes and the Universal Application Network

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Revision History

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Overview of Siebel Business Processes

Why Siebel Systems Is Providing Business Processes

Business Process Modeling

Overview of Business Processes Provided in This Release

Overview of Best Practices Provided in This Release

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Using Siebel Business Processes

Guidelines for Planning a Siebel Implementation

Customizing Siebel Software

Modifying Siebel Business Processes

A Recommended Framework for Implementing Siebel Business Processes

Implementation Planning Scenarios

Scenario One: Summit Technologies Deploys Manage Inbound Service Call

Scenario Two: Reliance Rent-A-Car Deploys Launch Campaign

Using the Business Process Diagrams on the CD

Using the Siebel Add-in for Corel iGrafx Flowcharter

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Siebel Business Process Components and Categories

Swimlanes Divide Ownership of Activities

Roles Represent Functions

Symbols Represent Tasks

Hierarchy of Business Process Domains

Hierarchy of Business Process Diagram Levels

Business Process Component Descriptions

Solution Map

Process Relationship Diagram

Business Process Diagram

Subprocess Diagram

Building Your Own Business Process Diagrams

Creating a Business Process Diagram

Creating a Subprocess Diagram

Creating a Process Relationship Diagram

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 Siebel Business Process Implementation Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003