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Administration Console Online Help

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Attributes and Console Screen Reference for JMS

For information about an Administration Console screen and the attributes you can configure, select one of the links in the following categories:

Connection Factories

JMS Connection Factory

JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> General

JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> Transactions

JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> Flow Control

JMS Connection Factory --> Target and Deploy

JMS Connection Factory --> Notes


JMS Store

JMS File Store --> Configuration

JMS File Store --> Notes

JMS JDBC Store --> Configuration

JMS JDBC Store --> Notes

JMS Servers

JMS Server

JMS Server --> Configuration --> General

JMS Server --> Configuration --> Thresholds & Quotas

JMS Server --> Target and Deploy

JMS Server --> Notes

JMS Server --> Monitoring

Active JMS Servers


JMS Destination

Active JMS Destinations


JMS Topic --> Configuration --> General

JMS Topic --> Configuration --> Thresholds & Quotas

JMS Topic --> Configuration --> Overrides

JMS Topic --> Configuration --> Redelivery

JMS Topic --> Configuration --> Expiration Policy

JMS Topic --> Configuration --> Multicast

JMS Topic --> Notes

JMS Topic --> Monitoring

Durable Subscribers


JMS Queue --> Configuration --> General

JMS Queue --> Configuration --> Thresholds & Quotas

JMS Queue --> Configuration --> Overrides

JMS Queue --> Configuration --> Redelivery

JMS Queue --> Configuration --> Expiration Policy

JMS Queue --> Notes

JMS Queue --> Monitoring

Session Pools

JMS Session Pool

JMS Session Pool --> Configuration

JMS Session Pool --> Notes

Active JMS Session Pools

Connection Consumers

JMS Connection Consumer

JMS Connection Consumer --> Configuration

JMS Connection Consumer --> Notes


JMS Template

JMS Template --> Configuration --> General

JMS Template --> Configuration --> Thresholds & Quotas

JMS Template --> Configuration --> Override

JMS Template --> Configuration --> Redelivery

JMS Template --> Configuration --> Expiration Policy

JMS Template --> Notes

Destination Keys

JMS Destination Key

JMS Destination Key --> Configuration

JMS Destination Key --> Notes

Distributed Destinations

JMS Distributed Destinations

Distributed Queues

JMS Distributed Queue

JMS Distributed Queue --> Auto Deploy

JMS Distributed Queue --> Configuration --> Thresholds and Quotas

JMS Distributed Queue --> Configuration --> General

Distributed Queue --> Configuration --> Members

JMS Distributed Queue --> Notes

JMS Distributed Queue Member --> Configuration

Distributed Topics

JMS Distributed Topic

JMS Distributed Topic --> Auto Deploy

JMS Distributed Topic --> Configuration --> General

JMS Distributed Topic --> Configuration --> Thresholds and Quotas

Distributed Topic --> Configuration --> Members

JMS Distributed Topic --> Notes

JMS Distributed Topic Member --> Configuration

Foreign JMS Servers

Foreign JMS Server

Foreign JMS Server --> Configuration --> General

Foreign JMS Server --> Notes

Foreign JMS Server --> Target and Deploy

Foreign JMS Connection Factories

Foreign JMS Connection Factory

Foreign JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> General

Foreign JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> Notes

Foreign JMS Desitinations

Foreign JMS Destination

Foreign JMS Destination --> Configuration --> General

Foreign JMS Destination --> Configuration --> Notes

Monitoring JMS Connections and Sessions

Active JMS Connections

JMS Pooled Connections

Active JMS Sessions

Active JMS Consumers

Active JMS Producers


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