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System Administration

You manage a WebLogic Server installation by creating WebLogic Server domains. A WebLogic Server domain is a logically related group of WebLogic Server resources that are managed as a unit. A domain includes one or more WebLogic Servers and may also include WebLogic Server clusters. You deploy and manage your applications as part of a WebLogic Server domain.

This page lists documents that provide information about System Administration of WebLogic Server domains, categorized by various topics. For information about the topics, click the icon.

Want to get started right away? Check out Starting and Stopping Servers: Quick Reference

    Note: This website contains documentation for a Beta release of WebLogic Server. Because of the preliminary nature of the software, some areas of the documentation are not complete or up to date.


WebLogic Server System Administration

WebLogic Server Domains

Node Manager

Server Lifecycle

Administration Console

Setting up Your Domain

Installation Guide

Creating Domains and Servers

Configuring Servers

Starting and Stopping Servers

Configuring, Starting, and Stopping Node Manager

Configuring Network Resources

Setting Up a WebLogic Server as a Windows Service

Configuring WebLogic Server Web Components

Using WebLogic Server Clusters

Managing Your Domain

Monitoring a WebLogic Server Domain


Protecting System Administration Operations

Recovering Failed Servers

WebLogic SNMP Management Guide

Using the Command Line Utilities to Manage Your Domain

WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning

Using the BEA JRockit JVM for Windows and Linux

Extending the Administration Console


WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

WebLogic Server Command Reference

WebLogic SNMP MIB Reference

Managing Your Applications

Deploying Applications

Web Applications


J2EE Connectors

Enterprise Applications

Web Services

Configuring Database Connectivity

Configuring JDBC

Configuring JDBC Connection Pools

Configuring JDBC DataSources

Configuring JDBC MultiPools

Configuring Messaging (JMS)

Configuring JMS

Monitoring JMS

Tuning JMS

Messaging Bridge

Managing Web Server Functions

Configuring WebLogic Server Web Components

Using Web Server Plug-Ins With WebLogic Server

Virtual Hosting


WebLogic Tuxedo Connector Administration Guide

Managing JNDI

Managing Transactions (JTA)

WebLogic Enterprise Connectivity