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WebLogic JMS

This page lists documents that provide information about WebLogic JMS, categorized by the application developer and system administrator roles that may exist in your organization. For information about the responsibilities and skills for a particular role, click the icon.

All readers should review the Introduction to WebLogic Server before proceeding to other documents.

    Note: This website contains documentation for a Beta release of WebLogic Server. Because of the preliminary nature of the software, some areas of the documentation are not complete or up to date.

Application Developer

Programming WebLogic JMS

Designing Message-Driven Beans

WebLogic JMS Performance Guide (white paper)

JMS Specification, version 1.0.2b

WebLogic JMS API Examples

Server/Application Administrator

Configuring WebLogic JMS

Tuning WebLogic JMS

Monitoring WebLogic JMS

The WebLogic Messaging Bridge

WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

Programming WebLogic Management Services with JMX

WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning

Application Architect

The WebLogic Messaging Bridge

WebLogic JMS Performance Guide (white paper)

Using Foreign JMS Providers With WLS (white paper)

Using WebLogic JMS with EJBs and Servlets


What's New for WebLogic JMS:

WebLogic JMS Thin Client

Using WebLogic JMS with EJBs and Servlets

Accessing Foreign JMS Providers

Handling Expired Messages

Avoiding Quota Exceptions By Blocking Producers

Dynamically Deleting Destinations


You may also want to consult the following:

WebLogic JMS FAQ

WebLogic JMS and Messaging Bridge Javadoc

WebLogic JMS Extensions

WebLogic JMS Developer Newsgroup

JMSML: XML-Based Mark-Up Language for JMS and JMX