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Web Services

This page lists documents that provide information about WebLogic Server Web services, categorized by various topics. For information about the topics, click the icon.

    Note: This website contains documentation for a Beta release of WebLogic Server. Because of the preliminary nature of the software, some areas of the documentation are not complete or up to date.

WebLogic Server Web Services

Programming WebLogic Web Services - TOC

Overview of WebLogic Server Web Services

Architectural Overview

Creating a WebLogic Web Service: A Simple Example

Designing WebLogic Web Services

Implementing WebLogic Web Services

Assembling and Deploying WebLogic Web Services

WebLogic Web Service Ant Tasks - Reference

Invoking WebLogic Web Services

Configuring Web Service Security

What's New in 8.1 (Beta) WebLogic Web Services?

Digital Signatures and Data Encryption

Reliable Messaging

Asynchronous Invocation of WebLogic Web Services

JMS Transport

Administration Console Support for Web Services

Partial Support for SOAP 1.2

Tools Support for Document-Oriented Web Services

Using Portable Stubs

New servicegen Child Elements

New Ant Tasks: wsdlgen, autotype, source2wsdd, wsdl2Service, wspackage

Additional Developer Resources

Web Service dev2dev Developer Page

Web Services Technology Track

WebLogic Web Services Javadoc

WebLogic Web Services Developer Newsgroup

WebLogic Workshop

WebLogic Workshop Documentation

WebLogic Workshop Tutorial

Download WebLogic Workshop