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This page lists documents that provide information about WebLogic Server deployment, categorized by various topics.

    Note: This website contains documentation for a Beta release of WebLogic Server. Because of the preliminary nature of the software, some areas of the documentation are not complete or up to date.

Packaging for Deployment

Packaging Overview

XML Deployment Descriptors

Packaging Web Applications

Packaging EJBs

Packaging Resource Adapters

Packaging Enterprise Applications

Using Ant to Package J2EE Applications


Overview of WebLogic Server Deployment

Quickstart Guide to Deploying Modules

Performing Common Deployment Tasks

Deployment Tools

Administration Console Deployment Assistant New!

WebLogic Builder

weblogic.Deployer Utility


Advanced Deployment Topics

Deployment Staging Modes

Deployment Order

Stopping and Redeploying Modules

Deploying With an Alternate Deployment Descriptor

Two-Phase Deployment Protocol

Deployment Topics for Developers