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Overview: What Coherence can do for you...

Defining a Data Grid Start Here!
Cluster your objects and your data
Deliver events for changes as they occur
Automatically manage dynamic cluster membership
Provide a Queryable Data Fabric
Provide a Data Grid
Real Time Client - RTC
Using Coherence and BEA WebLogic Portal
Using Coherence and JPA
Using Coherence and TopLink Essentials
Using Coherence and Hibernate


Overview for Implementors
Managing an Object Model

Getting Started

Installing Oracle Coherence
Installing Coherence*Web Session Management Module
Using the Coherence*Web Installer Ant Task
Types of Caches in Coherence
Cache Semantics
Creating and Using Coherence Caches
Configuring and Using Coherence*Extend
Coherence APIs (JavaDoc)
Code Examples and FAQ

Technical Overview

Cache Topologies
Cluster Services Overview
Replicated Cache Service
Partitioned Cache Service
Local Storage
Local Cache
Best Practices
Network Protocols


Bulk Loading and Processing with Coherence
CacheFactory Spring Integration

Production Planning and Troubleshooting

Production Checklist
Multicast Test (verifying multicast support)
Datagram Test (network performance testing)
Performance Tuning

Management and Monitoring

Managing Coherence using JMX
Manage Custom MBeans within the Coherence Cluster

Operational Configuration

Operational Configuration Elements
Parameter Setttings
Element Attributes
Command Line Setting Override Feature
Operational Configuration Elements Reference

Cache Configuration

Cache Configuration Elements
Parameter Macros
Sample Cache Configurations
Cache Configuration Elements Reference

Data Management Features

Read-Through, Write-Through, Refresh-Ahead and Write-Behind Caching
Querying the Cache
Continuous Query
Transactions, Locks and Concurrency

Advanced Features

Specifying a Custom Eviction Policy
Partition Affinity
Serialization Paged Cache
Security Framework
Network Filters
Priority Tasks


Evaluating Performance and Scalability
Scaling Out Your Data Grid Aggregations Linearly

Release Notes

Coherence 3.3 Release Notes
Coherence 3.3.1 Release Notes

Feature Listing

Coherence Features by Edition