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Oracle Transfer Pricing User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13524-03
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Oracle Transfer Pricing User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Transfer Pricing

Overview of Oracle Transfer Pricing
Oracle Transfer Pricing and Other Oracle Financial Services Applications
      Oracle Transfer Pricing Integrations

The Oracle Transfer Pricing Process

Overview of the Oracle Transfer Pricing Process
Setting Transfer Pricing Rules
      Transfer Pricing Methodologies and Rules
      Weighted Term
      Zero Discount Factors
      Moving Averages
      Straight Term
      Spread from Interest Rate Code
      Spread from Note Rate
      Redemption Curve
      Unpriced Account
      Transfer Pricing Methods and the Mid-Period Repricing Option
      Defining Transfer Pricing Methodologies Using Node Level Assumptions
      Associating Conditional Assumptions with Transfer Pricing Rules
      Availability of Conditional Assumptions
      Structure of Conditional Assumptions
Setting Prepayment Rules
      Prepayment Methodologies and Rules
      Constant Prepayment Method
      Prepayment Table Method
      Arctangent Calculation Method
      Associating Node Level and Conditional Assumptions with Prepayment Rules
Setting and Executing the Transfer Pricing Process Rule
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Option Cost Parameters
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Rate Index Rules
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Adjustments Rules
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Alternate Rate Output Mapping Rules
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Propagation Pattern
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Audit Options
      Data Inspector Results
      Data Verification
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Calculation Modes
      Transfer Pricing Process Rule and Migration Options
Defining Payment Patterns
      Payment Pattern Structure
      Payment Events
      Absolute Payment Patterns
      Relative Payment Patterns
      Split Payment Patterns
Defining Repricing Patterns
      User Defined Repricing Pattern
      User Defined Repricing Event
      Absolute Repricing Pattern
      Relative Repricing Pattern
Performing Cash Flow Edits
Creating Interest Rate Codes
      Interest Rate Codes and Rate Lookups
Accessing Transfer Pricing Detail Cash Flow Results for Audit Purposes
Accessing Transfer Pricing Interest Rate Audit Results
Analyzing Results
Reviewing Processing Errors
Reprocessing Erroneous Accounts
Reconciling the Data

Common Rule Management Tasks

Overview of Common Rule Management Tasks
The Rule Home Page
Searching for Rules
Creating Rules
Viewing and Updating Rules
Duplicating Rules
Deleting Rules
Extracting and Loading Rules

Working with Rule Approval Status

About Rule Approval and Production Data Sets
The Rule Approval Process
The Rule Deletion Process

Managing Currency Rates

Overview of Currency Rates Management
Overview of Multi-Currency Accounting
      Defining Currencies
Conversion Rates
      Defining Conversion Rate Types
Entering Daily Rates
Loading Daily Rates Automatically
Entering Historical Rates
Revaluing Balances
Translating Balances
      Notes on Translation with Historical Rates and Amounts
      Notes on Translating Owners' Equity Accounts
      Notes on Translating Revenue/Expense Accounts
      Notes on Translating Average Balances
Currency Rates Manager
      Cross Rates
      Using the Daily Rates Spreadsheet Interface
      Using the Historical Rates Spreadsheet Interface

Cash Flow Edits

Overview of Cash Flow Edit Rules
Creating Cash Flow Edit Rules
Executing Cash Flow Edit Rules

User Defined Payment Pattern

Overview of User Defined Payment Patterns
Searching for Payment Patterns
Creating Payment Patterns
      Defining Absolute Payment Patterns
      Defining Relative Payment Patterns
      Defining Split Payment Patterns

User Defined Repricing Pattern

Overview of Repricing Patterns
Searching for Repricing Patterns
Creating Repricing Patterns
      Defining Absolute Repricing Patterns
      Defining Relative Repricing Patterns

Interest Rate Codes

Overview of Interest Rate Codes
Searching for Interest Rate Codes
Creating Interest Rate Codes
Loading Data
      Loading Data Using Oracle Transfer Pricing User Interface
      Loading Data Using Web ADI

Rate Index Rules

Overview of Rate Index Rules
Defining Rate Indexes

Conditional Assumptions

Overview of Conditional Assumptions
Creating Conditional Assumptions
      Inserting a Method
      Inserting Logic into a Block
      Updating a Clause

Transfer Pricing Rules

Overview of Transfer Pricing Rules
Creating Transfer Pricing Rules
Defining Transfer Pricing Methodologies
      Defining the Redemption Curve Methodology
      Defining the Unpriced Account Methodology
Copying Assumptions Across Currencies

Prepayment Rules

Overview of Prepayment Rules
Creating Prepayment Rules
Defining Prepayment Methodologies
      Defining the Constant Prepayment Method
      Defining the Prepayment Table Method
      Defining the Arctangent Calculation Method

Prepayment Table Rules

Overview of Prepayment Table Rules
Creating Prepayment Table Rules
Updating Prepayment Tables
Updating Prepayment Rates in a Prepayment Table

Adjustments Rules

Overview of Adjustments Rules
Creating Adjustments Rules
Defining Adjustment Methods

Alternate Rate Output Mapping Rules

Overview of Alternate Rate Output Mapping Rules
Creating Alternate Rate Output Mapping Rule
Registering Alternate Output Columns for Account Tables

Propagation Pattern

Overview of the Propagation Pattern
Defining the Propagation Pattern
Propagating Transfer Pricing Results

Transfer Pricing Process Rules

Overview of Transfer Pricing Process Rules
Creating a Transfer Pricing Process Rule
Executing a Transfer Pricing Process Rule

Oracle Transfer Pricing Reports

Overview of Oracle Transfer Pricing Reports
Generating and Viewing Reports
Common Report Concepts

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