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Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13604-05
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Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul User's Guide


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Overview of Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

Overview of Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
      Key Features
      Fleet Maintenance Program
      Route Management
      Document Index
      Enigma Integration
      Master Configuration
      Unit Configuration
      Product Classification
      Unit Maintenance Plan
      Visit Work Package
      Material Marshalling
      Long Term Plan
      Production Planning
      Outside Processing
Managing Maintenance Requirements
      Working with Maintenance Routes
      Managing Maintenance Documents
Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and Configuration Deviation List (CDL)
Integration and Dependencies
Integration of Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul and Enigma 3C

Managing Maintenance Requirements

Fleet Maintenance Program
      Key Business Processes
Creating Maintenance Requirement Records
Attaching Documents to a Maintenance Requirement
Associating Routes to a Maintenance Requirement
Defining Maintenance Requirement Effectivity
Defining Effectivity Details
Defining Intervals and Thresholds
Defining Maintenance Requirement Relationships
Updating Maintenance Requirement Records
Viewing Items Affected by a Maintenance Requirement
Associating Visit Types with a Maintenance Requirement
Creating Maintenance Requirement Revisions
Viewing Maintenance Requirement Details
Associating Program Sub Types to Program Types
Service Requests
Entering Service Requests

Managing Maintenance Routes

Route Management
      Key Business Processes
Creating Operation Records
Creating Maintenance Route Records
Creating an Item Composition List
Editing Item Compositions
Viewing Item Compositions
Creating Disposition Lists
Editing Disposition Lists
Approving Disposition Lists
Finding Operation Records
Finding Maintenance Route Records
Defining Reference Documents
Defining Reference Documents for an Operation
Defining Reference Documents for a Maintenance Route
Defining Resource Requirements
Defining Resource Requirements for an Operation
Defining Resource Requirements for a Maintenance Route
Defining Costing Parameters
Defining Costing Parameter for an Operation Resource Requirement
Defining Costing Parameter for a Route Resource Requirement
Defining Material Requirements
Defining Material Requirements for an Operation
Defining Material Requirements for a Maintenance Route
Associating Operations with a Maintenance Route
Defining Access Panels
Defining Access Panels for an Operation
Defining Access Panels for a Maintenance Route
Editing Operation Records
Editing Maintenance Route Records
Defining Component Locations in Fleet Units
Associating Major Zones to Product Types
Associating Sub Zones to Product Types
Finding Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Resources
Creating Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Resources
Editing Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Resources
Associating BOM Resources

Managing Maintenance Documents

Document Index
      Key Business Processes
Creating Document References
Associating Document Sub Types to Document Types
Finding Document References
Maintaining Document Subscription Information
Maintaining Document Supplier Information
Maintaining Document Distribution Information
Creating Document Revision Records
Uploading Electronic Documents

Working With Master Configurations

Master Configurations
      Key Business Processes
Creating Master Configuration Records
Working with Positions
Creating Positions in a Master Configuration
Copying Existing Configurations to a Position
Associating Item Groups with a Position
Associating a Sub-Configuration/ Alternate Sub-Configuration with a Position
Creating Rules for a Configuration or Sub-configuration
Editing Position Ratios
Attaching Documents to a Position
Managing Alternate Items Information
Adding Alternate Items Information
Finding Alternate Items Information
Editing Alternate Items Information
Creating Item Group Revisions
Editing Master Configuration Records
Creating Master Configuration Revisions
Approving Master Configurations
Viewing Master Configuration Records
Viewing Position Details
Viewing Position Ratios Associated with a Position
Viewing Documents Attached to a Position
Viewing Alternate items Associated with a Position
Viewing Positions Associated with an Alternate Item Group
Viewing Rules
Closing Master Configuration Records
Reopening Closed Records

Working With Unit Configurations

Unit Configurations
      Key Business Processes
Creating Unit Configuration
Assigning Items to Unit Configuration Positions
Migrating Unit Configurations
Editing Unit Configuration Records
Approving Unit Configurations
Viewing Alternate Items Utilization
Assigning Alternate Items to Unit Configuration Positions
Creating and Updating Item Information
Configuration Access Control Management

Managing Product Classification

Product Classification
      Key Business Processes
Working With Product Classifications
Creating a Product Classification
Working With Nodes
Associating Documents to a Node
Attaching Units/Items in Product Classification
Launching the Approval Process

Working With Unit Maintenance Plans

Unit Maintenance Plans
      Key Business Processes
Finding Unit Maintenance Plan Records
Associating a Maintenance Requirement to a Visit
Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and Configuration Deviation List (CDL) Setup
Creating Non-routine Requests During Unit Maintenance
Calculating Maintenance Requirement Due Dates
Viewing Unit Maintenance Requirement Detail and History
Viewing Group Maintenance Requirements
Initializing Maintenance Requirements
Viewing Unit Maintenance Requirement Details
Viewing Maintenance Requirement Thresholds
Finding Item Utilization Forecasts
Updating Item Utilization Forecasts
Finding and Updating a Product Classification Utilization Forecast
Finding and Updating a Unit Configuration Utilization Forecast
Transit/Line Maintenance and Scheduling
Overview of Unit Schedules
Viewing Unit Schedule
Creating Transit Visit from Unit Schedule
Viewing Unit Schedule Details
Overview of Flight Schedules
Maintaining Flight Schedule
Updating Transit Visit Schedule

Working with Maintenance Visits

Visit Work Package
Key Business Processes
Creating Maintenance Visit Records
Push to Production
Associating Tasks with Maintenance Visits
Associating Maintenance Requirements to a Visit
Creating Visit Tasks Unassociated with Routes
Setting up Stages for Tasks
Updating Visit Task Headers
Visit Costing and Pricing
Visit Pricing
Closing a Visit

Material Marshalling

Marshalling the Engine Shop
Key Business Processes
Setting Up Material Marshalling
Searching for a Visit using the Marshalling Workbench
Viewing Visit Configuration using the Marshalling Workbench
Viewing Required Item Details Per Position
Viewing Available Item Details Per Position
Viewing Unavailable Item Details Per Position
Viewing Work Order Progress Per Position

Managing Long Term Planning

Long Term Plans
      Key Business Processes
Finding Scheduled and Unscheduled Visits
Scheduling a Visit
Assigning Spaces to a Visit
Material Demand Planning and Scheduling
Reliability Planning
Supply Chain Planning
Checking the Material Schedule
Checking Material Availability
Serial Number Reservation
Managing Simulation Plans
Creating a New Simulation Plan
Adding Visits to a Simulation Plan
Setting a Simulation Plan as Primary
Copying a Visit to a New Simulation Plan
Running Resource Leveling Plans


Creating Department Location
Creating a Maintenance Space
Finding a Space's Unavailable Period
Using Reliability Planning
Managing Vendor Sourcing

Production Planning and Production

      Routine Tasks
      Non-Routine Tasks
      Key Business Processes
Managing Workorders
Releasing Workorders
Deferring Workorders
Canceling Workorders
Deferring Maintenance Requirements
Scheduling Workorders Using the Scheduler Workbench
Viewing the Scheduling Hierarchy
Viewing Serial Number Change History
Working with Maintenance Requirements
Updating Material Requirement Details
Editing Resource Requirements
Updating Resource Requirement Details
Viewing Resource Assignments
Editing Resource Assignments
Charging Resources
Working with Material Transactions
Viewing and Issuing Materials Across WorkOrders
Returning Materials Across Workorders
Identifying the Employee that Items are Issued To or Returned By
Viewing the Material Transaction History
Item Disposition
Disposition Association during Material Transaction
Updating Dispositions
Viewing Item/Part Service History
My Workorders Interface

Maintenance Technician Roles

Using the Technician Workbench
Updating Work Orders
Using the Transit Technician Workbench
Using the Data Clerk Workbench
Viewing Enigma Documents
Viewing Operation Resources and Visit Details
Maintenance Requirement Recording
Finding Workorders
Creating Non-Routine Workorders
Completing Work Orders and Operations
Performing Part Removal/Install
Changing Item and Serial Numbers Associated with Work Orders
Viewing and Updating Material Requirements
Viewing Assignments, Documents, and Resources

Managing Outside Processing

Key Business Processes
OSP Work Orders
Exchange Orders
Working With Outside Processing Work Orders
Inventory Service Order Outside Processing
Creating an OSP Order
Reviewing Purchase Orders
Synchronizing Outside Processing Work Orders with Purchase Orders
Updating and Approving Purchase Orders
Shipping and Receiving
Working with Exchange Orders
Creating an Exchange Order
Editing Exchange Orders
Converting Service/Exchange OSP to Exchange/Service OSP

Windows and Navigation Paths

Windows and Navigation Paths
      Navigation Paths