Oracle Shop Floor Management User's Guide


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Shop Floor Management Overview

Overview of Shop Floor Management
Shop Floor Management Flow
Enhanced Shop Floor Execution
Detailed Scheduling
Multilevel Bills of Material
Inverse Component Usage
Fixed Component Usage
Component Shrinkage
Network Routings
Enhanced Lot Functionality
Lot Attributes
      Capturing Attributes During Lot Based Jobs Execution
Operation Yields
Integration with Oracle Applications
Component Picking
Completions into License Plate Numbers

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up
Related Product Setup Steps
Setup Flowchart and Checklist
Setup Steps
Defining Parameters
Defining and Viewing Lot Sector Extensions
Defining Standard Operation Details
Attaching Files to Job Operations
Setting Up Shop Floor Management Attributes
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Network Routings

Overview of Network Routings
Creating a Network Routing
Modifying Network Routings
Importing Routings
Defining Alternate Resources for Standard Operations
Defining Operation Yield Values on Routings
Calculating Lead Times
Integration with Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Integration with Outside Processing

Shop Floor Execution

Overview of Shop Floor Execution
Shop Floor Modeling
Shop Floor Execution

Lot Transactions

Overview of Lot Transactions
Creating a Lot Based Job
Overview of Sales Order Reservation for Lot Based Jobs
Overview of Lot Moves
Performing Lot Move Transactions
Operation Jumps
Viewing Status and Resources
Integration with Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)
Capturing and Modifying Detailed Job Level Plan Recommendations
Changing the Recommended Path of a Job to an Intended Path for Future Operations
Viewing Plan Resource Details
Updating Plan Components
Updating Plan Phantom Components
Mass Refresh of Open Jobs
Refresh BOM/Routing of Open Lot Based Jobs with Revision Dates
Overview of Advanced Lot Transactions
WIP Lot Transactions
Creating WIP Lot Transactions
Inventory Lot Transactions
Creating Inventory Lot Transactions
Lot Attributes in Inventory Lot Transactions
Creating Lots for New Sectors
Kanban Replenishment on Lot Based Jobs
Lot Based Job Reporting
Lot Based Job Component Pick Release
Pending Transactions Report
Integration with Outside Processing

Lot and Serial Controlled Assemblies

Creating a Job with Lot/Serial Controlled Assembly
Serial Generation during Job Creation and Job Move
Executing Manufacturing Transactions
Completing the Job into Inventory

Resource Scheduling Workbench

Overview of Resource Scheduling Workbench
Using the Resource Scheduling Workbench
Defining User Preferences
Job Operation Bars
Viewing Property Windows
Capacity Exceptions
Showing Select Resources and Resource Load Versus Capacity Panes
Selecting a Resource
Adjusting Resource Capacity
Rescheduling Jobs, Operations, and Resources in the Gantt Chart
Rescheduling Start and End Dates
Resource Transfer
Transferring Work to an Instance
Transferring Work Between Instances
Transferring Work Between Alternate Resources
Launching the HTML User Interface

Lot Genealogy

Overview of Lot Genealogy
Displaying Genealogy and Where-Used Views
Genealogy of Lot/Serial Controlled Assemblies
Genealogy with Lot Serial Attributes


Overview of Co-Products
Defining Co-Products
Define Time Phased Split Percentages Window
Substitute Components Window
Component Details Window

Costing in Oracle Shop Floor Management

Overview of Lot Based Job Costing
Cost Rollup for Network Routings
Standard Cost Update for Lot Based Jobs
Phantom Routings
Lot Based Jobs Transaction Costing
Move Transaction Costing
Estimated Scrap Accounting
Operation Yield
Disabling Estimated Scrap and Operation Yield Accounting
Non Standard Expense Lot Based Jobs
WIP Lot Based Jobs Transaction Costing
Lot Split Transactions
Merge Lots
Bonus Lots
Update Quantity
Update Routing and Update Assembly
Lot Based Transaction are Integrated into Cost Manager
Transaction Import through MES
WIP Value Summary

Closing Lot Based Jobs

Closing Lot Based Jobs
Unclosing Lot Based Jobs
Purging Lot Based Job Move Transactions

Windows and Navigator Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths

Support for OSFM Transactions in Various User Interface Modes

Support for OSFM Transactions in Various User Interface Modes