Oracle Asset Tracking User's Guide


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Understanding Oracle Asset Tracking

Overview of Oracle Asset Tracking
About Oracle Asset Tracking
Tracking Internal Products and Assets
About Oracle Install Base Integration
About Inventory Item and Asset Tracking
About Item Parameters in Oracle Inventory
About the Messaging Architecture

Understanding Inventory Integration

Overview of Understanding Inventory Integration
About Item Instance and Transaction Records
Expiring an Association Between a Fixed Asset and Item Instance
About Purchase Order Receipt into Inventory
Receiving Items into Asset Subinventories
About Move Orders
Creating a Move Order
Transacting a Move Order
Creating Miscellaneous Transactions
About Miscellaneous Receipts
About Miscellaneous Receipts from Projects
About Miscellaneous Receipts from Field Location
Entering a Miscellaneous Receipt Transaction
Entering the Item to Transfer
About Miscellaneous Issues
About Miscellaneous Issues to Projects
About Miscellaneous Issues to Field Location
About Subinventory Transfers
About Inter-Organization Transfers
About Physical Cycle Counts
About Asset Handling for Internal Sales Orders
Explaining Other Inventory Transactions

Understanding Asset Deployment

Overview of Understanding Asset Deployment
About Asset Deployment
About Asset Deployment Transactions
About Partial Installation and In-Service Conditions
Selecting the Location for the Item Instance
Using the Item Instance Deployment Page

Understanding Field Service Integration

Overview of Understanding Field Service Integration
About Field Service Integration
Viewing Service Request Numbers and Task Numbers

Understanding Projects Integration

Overview of Understanding Projects Integration
How Purchase Order Receipts Flow into Project Transactions
Receiving Items Directly into an Oracle Project
About Transaction Sources for Project Import
About Expenditure Inquiry
About Asset Creation
Running the PRC: Generate Asset Lines for a Single Project Program
Running the PRC: Interface Assets to Oracle Asset Program

Understanding the Fixed Asset Architecture

Overview of Fixed Asset Architecture
About Asset Processing in Oracle Asset Tracking
About Asset-Related Processes in Oracle Asset Tracking
Running the Create Assets Interface Inventory Transactions to Fixed Asset Program
Running the Create Asset Headers in Oracle Projects - Normal Items Program
Running the Interface Move Transactions to Oracle Assets Program
About Asset Impact of a Miscellaneous Issue
About Asset Impact of Subinventory Transfers
About Asset Impact of Inter-Organizational Transfers
About Asset Impact of Physical Inventory and Cycle Count Adjustments
Case Study
Understanding the CLEI
Overview of Retirements
Associating a Fixed Asset to an Item Instance
Viewing Asset Relationships Graphically

Using Oracle Asset Tracking

Overview of Using Oracle Asset Tracking
Submitting a Request
Viewing Request Results
Requesting an Assumed Loss Rate Report
Requesting a Bill of Lading Report
Adjusting the Invoice Price Variance
Running the Interface Invoice Price Variance to Oracle Assets Program
Running the Interface Invoice Price Variance to Oracle Projects Program
Running the Generate Notification - New Fixed Assets for Install Base Tracking Program
Running the Create Reversal GL Entries for Inventory FA Items Program
Finding Personal Profile Values

Using the Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration Overview
Google Maps Integration with OAT
Viewing Instances on Google Maps

Using the ESRI Integration

ESRI Integration Overview
ESRI Integration with Oracle Asset Tracking
Viewing Assets Using the ESRI Map Viewer

GIS Integration: Custom Map Viewer

GIS Integration: Custom Map Viewer
Setting Up the Custom Map Viewer
Setting Up the Custom Map Viewer Profile Value