Oracle Flow Manufacturing User's Guide


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Overview of Flow Manufacturing

Overview of Flow Manufacturing
Demand Management
Line Design and Balancing
Line Scheduling and Sequencing
Production Execution
Kanban Planning and Execution

Flow Manufacturing Setup

Setup Objectives
Setup Steps
      Profile Option
Fixed Component Usage

Line Design and Balancing Procedures

Overview of Line Design and Balancing
Product Synchronization
Defining Flow Manufacturing Standard Processes
Defining Flow Manufacturing Standard Events
Defining Flow Manufacturing Standard Line Operations
Flow Manufacturing Line Balance
Creating a Flow Routing
Creating a Routing Network
Calculating Operation Times
Operation Times Calculations
Calculating Total Product Cycle Time
Calculating Operation Yields
Operation Yields Calculations

Graphical Line Designer Workbench

Overview of the Graphical Line Designer Workbench
Navigating on the Graphical Line Designer Workbench
      Workbench Toolbars
      Tools Menu and Pop-up Menus
Accessing Graphical Line Designer Workbench Windows
Adding a New Item Routing
Deleting a Routing
Copying and Common Flow Routings
Copying a Routing to a Different Flow Line
Viewing Routing Revisions
Using the Routing Details Window
Creating the Graphical Network
Defining a Network Connection
Modifying the Line Operation Tree and Process Tree
Modifying Line Operations, Processes, Events, and Connections
Creating Routings in the Template Routings View
Mass Changes on Item Routings
Component Assignments on the Bill of Material
Specifying Cost Rollup Resource Information

Mixed Model Map Workbench

Overview of the Mixed Model Map Workbench
Viewing, Creating, and Updating Plans
Viewing Plan Production Line and Line Operation Information
      Line Summary View
      Line Detail - Summary View
      Line Detail - Resource/IPK Table View
      Line Detail - Graphical View
      Line Operation - Detail View
      Line Operation - Graphical View
      Viewing Item Details for a Line
Viewing Plan Resource Information
Resource Assignment
In Process Kanban Assignment
Filtering and Sorting Information

Flow Sequencing

Overview of Flow Sequencing
Setting Up Flow Sequencing
Viewing and Defining Sequencing Attributes
Viewing Sequencing Rules
Defining Sequencing Rules and Constraints
Viewing and Updating Production Lines
Assigning Production Lines and Rules
Creating Sequencing Tasks
Entering Sequencing Task Parameters
Selecting Production Lines for a Task
Filtering Demands for a Sequencing Task
Viewing Results and Submitting a Sequencing Task
Updating Line Task Parameters
Moving Demand
Updating Demands
Splitting Demands
Resequencing Tasks
Viewing Sequencing Tasks
Sequencing Task Details and Results

Line Scheduling Workbench

Overview of Line Scheduling Workbench in Flow Manufacturing
Defining Scheduling Rules
      Scheduling Rule Options
      Scheduling Algorithms
      Sequencing Criteria
Define Scheduling Rules Window
Line Scheduling Workbench Options Window
Viewing Unscheduled Orders
Viewing, Creating, and Modifying Flow Schedules
Creating Flow Schedules
Flow Schedule Summary Window
Flow Schedule Details Window
How Scheduling is Calculated
Line Scheduling Workbench Tools Menu
      Completion of Flow Schedules
      Mixed Model Map
Roll Flow Schedules
Deleting Flow Schedules
Other Features

Feeder Line Synchronization

Feeder Line Synchronization

Outbound Broadcast Sequencing

Overview of Outbound Broadcast Sequencing
Setting Up Outbound Broadcast Sequencing
      Process Flow

Flow Execution Workstation

Overview of the Flow Execution Workstation
Setting Your Preferences
Initializing the Flow Execution Workstation
Viewing Schedule Information
Viewing Event Information
Completing Line Operations
Completing Schedules
Viewing Resources
Attaching and Viewing Instructions
Viewing Detail Properties
Viewing Components and Replenishing Kanban Cards
Updating Component Requirements
Assigning Lot and Serial Numbers on the Workstation
Integration with Oracle Quality
Customized Properties Region
Engineering Change Order Alerts

Graphical Kanban Workbench

Overview of the Graphical Kanban Workbench
      Navigating on the Graphical Kanban Workbench
      Color Representation
      Workbench Toolbar
      Tools Menu and Pop-up Menus
Accessing the Production Region
Adding an Item to the Tree
Modifying and Creating Pull Sequences on the Graphical Network
Pull Sequence Window
Using a Template to Create a Pull Sequence
Accessing the Planning Region
Viewing Kanban Demands
Changing and Viewing Kanban Details
Viewing and Changing Summary Pull Sequences
Launching a Kanban Plan
Updating Production
Purging Kanban Cards and Pull Sequences

Reports and Processes

Schedule Report
Linearity Report

Windows and Navigation Paths

Windows and Navigator Paths

Line Scheduling Calculation Examples

Scheduling Calculations and Examples
Roll Flow Schedules
Tolerance Fences
Schedule Completion Time
Feeder Line Synchronization Calculations

Mixed Model Map Workbench Calculations

Mixed Model Map Workbench Calculations
Color Representation on the Mixed Model Map Workbench

Oracle Flow Manufacturing Client Extensions

Custom Kanban Quantity Calculation
Custom Schedule
Flow Sequencing Customization and Extension
Flow Execution Workstation Customization and Extension