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Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide
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Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

January 2005

Title: Solaris WBEM Developer's GuidePart Number: 817-0366–10Audience: Software developers who use the WBEM SDK and the WBEM Query Language (WQL) to write Java-based, WBEM-enabled applications.Page Count: 184Keywords: WBEM, Web-based Enterprise Management, Java, JavaBeans, CIM, Common Information Model, client, CIM Repository, CIM Object Manager, CIMOM, provider, developer, SDK, software development kit, instrumentation, Web-Based Enterprise Management, WQL, MOF, mofcomp, mofreg, managed object format, WBEM Query LanguageDescription: This book describes the components of the Solaris WBEM Software Development Kit (SDK) and explains how to use these components to develop WBEM-based applications.