OpenWindows User's Guide

Sending Mail about Appointments from Multiple Calendars

You can use the Multiple Calendars Mail facility to send mail about an appointment to other users. The mail is sent with an appointment icon that, for easy scheduling, can be dragged and dropped on the Calendar Manager main window. See "Using Calendar Manager with Mail Tool" for information about using drag and drop with Mail Tool to schedule Calendar Manager appointments.

This feature is particularly useful when you have used the Multiple Calendars to schedule a new appointment. After scheduling the appointment, you may want to send mail about the appointment to all the participants. In addition, there may be users who have not given you Insert access to their calendar, in which case you can send them mail and let them schedule the appointment themselves.

To use the Multiple Calendars mail feature:

    Click SELECT on the Mail button at the top of the Multiple Calendars window.

This displays a Mail Tool Compose window that contains an appointment icon in the attachment area. Refer to "Using Calendar Manager with Mail Tool" for more information. See "Mail Tool Compose Window" in Chapter 4, Multimedia Mail Tool for information about creating and sending mail.

If you have calendars selected in the Multiple Calendars scrolling list, the Mail Tool Compose window displayed by the Mail button is automatically addressed to those users. The subject field is "Meeting".

The Calendar Manager appointment icon in the Compose window attachments area is automatically filled out with the appropriate date and time, as follows:

You can change any of the information that is automatically filled out, and add more information. Figure 5-22 shows the Mail Tool Compose window displayed when the Mail button is selected from the Multiple Calendars window. Attaching the appointment saves your changes.

Figure 5-22 Multiple Calendars Compose Message Window