Securing a catalog allows certain users to view and edit a catalog while preventing other users from doing so. ATG Commerce implements a security policy for catalogs based on the secured repositories feature (for more information, see the Secured Repositories chapter in the ATG Repository Guide).

In the custom catalogs security policy, an access control list (ACL) is stored for each individual item (catalog, product, SKU, media) except for category; the ACL of a category is the same as the ACL of the catalog that contains it. The ACL contains lists of users or groups of users, and the permissions they have.

Note: If you are using custom catalogs in ATG Business Commerce with reporting, in order for the ProductCatalog logs to be created during deployment, create a server_name/localconfig/atg/reporting/datacollection/commerce/ file with the following contents:


See the Preparing to Use Commerce Reporting chapter in this guide for information on data logging.

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