The OrderDiscountCalculator component is a preconfigured instance of the class atg.commerce.pricing.OrderDiscountCalculator. It is the default discount calculator for the following types of promotion:

The following sample shows the contents of the file:

# The OrderPricingCalculator which calculates a discount
# negativeAmountException=

The following table describes the properties of the OrderDiscountCalculator component.




Specifies a bean that hosts the names of all of the properties of a pricing model repository item. pricingModelProperties are used so you do not have to hard code the properties into a pricing model.


Specifies a Qualifier that performs the actual evaluation of a pmdlRule of the PricingModel against the running environment.


Determines what happens when discounts cause the amount of an item to be negative.

True: Throw an exception when a discount causes an amount to be negative.

False: (default) Log a warning message and set the amount to 0.0 when a discount causes an amount to be negative.

You can view and modify the OrderDiscountCalculator component in the ATG Control Center. The component is located in /atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/OrderDiscountCalculator.

For more information, refer to the description of the OrderDiscountCalculator class.

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