The addInvoice(), updateInvoice(), and removeInvoice() methods of the InvoiceManager all generate JMS messages of class atg.b2bcommerce.invoice.messaging.InvoiceMessage. This class includes the following properties:

The inclusion of basic invoice properties in the message allows you to build scenarios that are invoice-driven, while the inclusion of the orderId and paymentGroupId allows more complex ATG Commerce-based message sinks to retrieve the invoice using the InvoiceManager and perform any required data transformation (such as translation to XML) before passing the invoice information on to external systems.

By default, invoice messages are sent to the Scenario Manager via Local JMS, but you can change your configuration to use SQL JMS if your system requires perfect reliability (see the Dynamo Message System chapter in the ATG Programming Guide for more information on JMS and its alternatives in the ATG platform, and on the Patch Bay).

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