The pricing services in ATG Commerce provide a flexible system for personalizing the prices of items in your product catalog. Just as you can personalize content for every shopper who visits your site, you can tailor prices and generate them dynamically on demand. The system is granular enough to allow you to create a site on which a single item is priced differently for every shopper who views it. You can also set up coupons, sales, and other promotions, target them for appropriate visitors, and use them in dynamic pricing situations.

As well as personalizing prices for catalog items, you can use ATG Commerce pricing services to provide dynamic pricing for orders, sales tax, and shipping.

This chapter contains information on the following topics:

The ATG Consumer Commerce Reference Application Guide and the ATG Business Commerce Reference Application Guide contain extensive descriptions of how ATG implemented dynamic pricing in the Pioneer Cycling Store and Motorprise reference applications. For more pricing information, refer to the sections on pricing in these manuals as well as the information in this guide.

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