To localize these values, first you must associate a resource bundle using an <attribute name="resourceBundle"... /> tag like:

<attribute name="resourceBundle" value="resourceBundleName"/>

You can use the <attribute> tag to set the resource bundle at the property, table, or item descriptor level. A property uses its own resourceBundle attribute if it is set. If not, it looks for a resourceBundle attribute set in its <table> tag, then for a resourceBundle attribute set in its <item-descriptor> tag. For example:

<item-descriptor name="user" ....>
  <attribute name="resourceBundle" value="atg.userprofiling.ProfileResources"/>

If you use xml-combine="append" to add properties to an item descriptor defined in a different configuration layer, do not set the resourceBundle attribute in the item descriptor , as it overwrites the setting of resourceBundle in the other configuration level. Set the resourceBundle at the table or property level instead.

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