You can use startSQLRepository to import repository data into versioned repositories. Before you run this script, format the repository data in an XML file that adheres to the SQL repository definition file syntax.

Note: When running startSQLRepository on a third-party application server, configure the server to use an ATG data source and transaction manager, not your native application server’s data source and transaction manager.

Use the following syntax in order to import repository assets to a versioned repository:

startSQLRepository [-m startup-module]... [-s server-name
inputfile  repository path 
project-spec | workspace-spec} -comment

Importing to a project or workspace

The import operation must be directed to a project or to a workspace, as follows:

Note: After deployment targets are initialized, use –project with startSQLRepository instead of workspace. When –project is used, assets are imported into a new project with the default or specified workflow. Users can then access this project and perform the tasks associated with its workflow.

Versioning arguments

The following arguments are specific to the versioning system.



-project name
  [ workflow name]

The name of the project to create and use for the import. After running startSQLRepository with this argument, the imported assets must be checked in manually through the ATG Business Control Center. This option is available only if the Publishing module is running.

If qualified by the workflow argument, the project uses the specified workflow; otherwise, it uses the default workflow:

/Content Administration/CA.wdl

Importing into a workspace requires you to supply a checkin comment through -comment.

You must specify this option or workspace.

workspace name

Specifies the workspace to use during the import operation, where name is a user-defined string with no embedded spaces and is unique among all workspace names. Use workspace only during the initial import to the target repository, before you initialize any target sites.

The workspace is the area in the VersionManager where the import takes place. If the specified workspace does not exist, the system creates it.

Importing into a workspace requires you to supply a checkin comment through -comment.

You must specify this option or project.

user username

The user who performs the import. If a secured repository is accessed for the import, this user’s authorization is checked.

This argument is required when the project argument is supplied, so the user can be identified as the project creator.

comment text

Comment to use for each item when checking in imported data. This comment is stored in each item’s version history. It should not contain spaces.

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