The <dump-caches> tag can be used to print out the contents of the item cache for one or more item descriptors. It has no child tags.

dump-caches attributes





The debug value causes the items in the cache to be logged.

The queries value creates a log entry consisting of the <load-items> tag that is used to reload the cache. See the example below.

The both value both logs the items in the cache and logs the <load-items> tag.

debug, queries, or both


A comma-separated list of one or more item descriptor names. If no item descriptors are specified, all item descriptor caches are exported.

For example, the following <dump-caches> tag:

<dump-caches item-descriptors="product" dump-type="queries"/>

might cause the following to be logged, if there were four product items in the cache:

============== START BUFFER PRECACHE ==============
<load-items item-descriptor="product">
=============== END BUFFER PRECACHE===============

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